AIESEC Internship High School and College Students

Experience the world like never before with an AIESEC Internship! As a platform for young people seeking leadership development, cross-cultural internships, and global volunteer exchange experiences, it opens doors to life-changing opportunities. Discover diverse cultures, gain invaluable skills, and make a positive impact on communities worldwide. Transform your life as a student or recent graduate by joining AIESEC as an intern. Embrace personal growth and seize the chance to make a difference in the world through Intercultural experiences and global volunteer opportunities. Expand your horizons and seize the chance to create lifelong memories.

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Company Name: AIESEC
Experience: Mandatory
Job Location: United Kingdom
Qualification: High School/Degree
Employment Type: Internship
Posted Date: May 18th, 2024

AIESEC Summer Internship Recent Graduates

AIESEC Internship

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with local teams on impactful projects, driving positive change in communities.
  • Engage in cross-cultural experiences, fostering global understanding and appreciation.
  • Facilitate workshops and events to empower youth and nurture their leadership potential.
  • Contribute to sustainable development initiatives, leaving a lasting impact on society.
  • Develop essential skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving in a dynamic environment.
  • Actively participate in its international network, expanding your global connections.
  • Embrace challenges and growth opportunities, transforming yourself into a proactive global citizen.

Qualifications and Education:

  • Must be aged 18-30, with a passion for cultural exchange and personal development.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, in English or the local language.
  • Open-minded and adaptable, embracing diverse perspectives and new challenges.
  • Previous experience in leadership roles or community engagement is advantageous.
  • Demonstrated commitment to social impact and making a difference in the world.
  • Willingness to collaborate in a cross-cultural setting and respect different customs and beliefs.
  • AIESEC seeks individuals with a drive to learn, grow, and contribute positively to society.


  • Gain invaluable international work experience, enhancing your resume and career prospects.
  • Develop essential soft skills like leadership, communication, and intercultural competence.
  • Expand your global network, forging meaningful connections with diverse professionals worldwide.
  • Immerse yourself in new cultures, fostering personal growth and self-discovery.
  • Contribute to meaningful projects that drive positive change in communities.
  • Access exclusive workshops and training sessions tailored to boost your professional development.
  • Experience personal transformation, becoming a more confident and globally aware individual.


AIESEC Internship welcomes enthusiastic individuals eager to explore the world and contribute positively. While prior experience in leadership, community engagement, or relevant fields is advantageous, passion, willingness to learn, and an open mind are the key ingredients for success.

How to Apply for AIESEC Internship?

To apply for an AIESEC internship, follow these simple steps: Visit their website and browse the opportunities. Select a project that aligns with your interests. Create an account on the website and complete your profile. Submit your application for the desired internship, highlighting your motivation and skills. Attend an interview to demonstrate your commitment and suitability for the role. Once accepted, follow the instructions to secure your spot and prepare for the journey. Engage in pre-departure training, gaining insights into your destination and project. Embark on an unforgettable experience, making a positive impact and expanding your horizons. AIESEC offers a transformative opportunity to grow personally and professionally while contributing to global change.

Official Website

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Job Summary:

Discover a life-changing opportunity with the AIESEC internship, where personal growth meets global impact. Engage in cross-cultural projects, empowering youth and fostering sustainable development. Develop essential skills and leadership abilities while immersing yourself in diverse environments. Join a vibrant global network of like-minded individuals driven by a shared passion for positive change. Embrace a transformative journey of self-discovery and meaningful contribution with AIESEC.