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Looking to begin your career in the world of public relations? An AMEC Internship might be your gateway to exciting, practical experience in this dynamic industry. With a renowned reputation for excellence, AMEC offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights, hone your skills, and work with some of the best professionals in the field. In this competitive world, an internship with AMEC can set you on the path to success. Discover how this internship can pave the way for your future in PR.

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Company Name: International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication
Employment Type: Internship
Job Location: United Kingdom
Qualification: High School/Degree
Experience: Mandatory
Posted Date: May 26th, 2024

AMEC Internship Latest Open Positions 

AMEC Internship

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist teams in crafting compelling press releases and media pitches, refining your writing skills.
  • Participate in campaign planning and execution, learning to create effective communication strategies.
  • Engage in media monitoring and reporting, gaining insights into campaign performance and metrics.
  • Collaborate with clients and media outlets, enhancing your networking and communication abilities.
  • Contribute to social media management, honing your digital marketing and content creation skills.
  • Conduct research and market analysis, expanding your understanding of industry trends.
  • Learn crisis management and resolving techniques to handle challenging situations with confidence.

Qualifications and Education:

  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication, public relations, or a related field, showcasing your academic dedication.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, vital for effective work and client interaction.
  • Demonstrated research and analytical abilities, showing your commitment to in-depth understanding of strategies.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and software, illustrating your technological competence.
  • Willingness to adapt to a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, highlighting your flexibility and enthusiasm.
  • Team player with excellent interpersonal skills, essential for collaboration and client relations.
  • Previous PR-related coursework or experience is a plus, demonstrating your practical knowledge and passion for the field.


  • Gain practical experience with a prestigious company, jumpstarting your career in the field.
  • Work closely with industry experts and mentors, expanding your professional network and knowledge.
  • Receive constructive feedback and guidance, accelerating your skill development and growth.
  • Opportunity for potential future employment with AMEC, opening doors to a fulfilling career.
  • Access to real-world campaigns and projects, building a strong portfolio of work.
  • Competitive stipend and performance-based bonuses, making your internship financially rewarding.
  • Develop critical problem-solving and communication skills, preparing you for success in the industry.


The AMEC Internship welcomes candidates with a passion for public relations, offering opportunities for eager learners with no prior experience. They value enthusiasm, dedication, and a strong desire to embark on a rewarding journey in the industry.

How to Apply for AMEC Internship?

To apply for an AMEC internship, the process is straightforward and accessible. Start by visiting the official website, where you’ll find detailed information about the available internship positions. Review the qualifications and responsibilities to ensure a good fit. Then, prepare your application package, which typically includes a resume and a well-crafted cover letter outlining your interest in the internship and relevant skills. Submit your application through the provided online portal, and it will be reviewed by the HR team. Successful candidates will be contacted for interviews, where you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your enthusiasm and potential. Once selected, you’ll embark on a valuable journey into the world of public relations with AMEC.

Official Website

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Job Summary:

The AMEC internship offers a unique opportunity for aspiring public relations professionals to gain practical experience in a dynamic and reputable company. Interns will work closely with seasoned experts, contributing to real-world projects, honing their communication skills, and participating in campaign planning and execution. This internship provides an invaluable platform for skill development and networking, setting the stage for a successful career in the industry.


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